Ryan Ozata

Executive Partner

Ryan began his career in 2003 after graduating from Texas Tech’s Rawls School of Business. Ryan quickly gravitated towards the financial services industry. His employment began with a large insurance brokerage firm where he received training in the field of corporate risk management. After 3 years of experience, and feeling that he had a greater knowledge of the financial services industry, Ryan earned a position at a Fortune 100 company where his focus was to provide financial guidance for individuals, and to serve the community in which he has spent his entire life. With a new-found passion for building long-term relationships, Ryan began his endeavor of personally helping each of his clients navigate through life’s many uncertainties such as investing for retirement, saving for college, and providing adequate life and health insurance in the event of unforeseen accidents.

Ryan believes the experience and knowledge he has gained in his career prepared him to become an independent financial professional and Partner at Redwood Financial. Ryan takes great pride in being able to offer financial guidance with an independent mindset. Armed with this flexibility, Ryan believes that he is able to equip his clients with necessary information to select the product and plan that can help each client to achieve their financial goals. These are the fundamental values and flexibility on which Ryan prides himself. Ryan seeks to offer solutions for any of his clients’ needs, including but not limited to: retirement planning, life insurance, health insurance, college savings and estate planning.

Ryan currently resides in Dallas, TX and enjoys basketball, working out, traveling, and spending time with his family.