John Paul Johnson

Executive Partner

John Paul Johnson, Partner at Redwood Financial, works with individuals and businesses to develop plans designed to reflect goals such as wealth accumulation, wealth distribution, and wealth transfer. He believes his emphasis on risk management helps his clients to invest with confidence. After spending several years at a financial company with a worldwide presence, John Paul partnered with Redwood Financial to devote more attention to the select clients that he helps. John Paul has a broad understanding of pension plans, Social Security, taxation and qualified investments making him a valuable asset when it comes to devising a strategy for a person planning for, in, or near retirement. With that in mind, he believes his greatest strength is getting to know his clients on a personal level to be able to customize a plan designed to fit their specific needs.

John Paul graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and a minor in Communications from Austin College.

His hobbies include playing sports, working out, watching sports, and playing poker. He resides in Lewisville, TX where he lives with his wife, Lindsey, and their two daughters Finley Denee and Tatum Reese.