Colleen Nurre

Senior Partner

Colleen Nurre, an Investment Advisor Representative of GWN Securities, Inc., is passionate about helping individuals, families, and small business owners achieve their financial goals. Working over 10 years for the Retirement Benefits Group of a global financial firm she gained extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of asset accumulation, qualified plans, Social Security, defined benefit plans, and distribution strategies. Using her expertise and knowledge acquired, she joined Redwood Financial as Senior Partner to be an advocate for individual investors. Being independent allows for developing a closer relationship to deliver objective advice centered around each client and their unique situation. She utilizes a goals-based approach to provide a customized action plan for clients based on their investment objectives, which is monitored and maintained through regular reviews.

The Kansas City native earned a Bachelors of Science degree from Kansas State University in Financial Management and Financial Services as well as a Minor in Statistics. She currently resides in Carrollton, Texas with her husband and two boys. In her free time she enjoys reading, trying new foods, being outdoors, and being the best mom she can to her kiddos.